Miltuximab® for Therapeutic & Imaging Applications.

Our patented antibodies target Glypican-1 (GPC-1), a protein overexpressed in prostate, pancreatic, bladder, esophageal and other solid tumors.
We are examining multiple mechanisms of action including:

  • Radio immunotherapy
  • Bispecific antibodies
  • Immune cell engagement and activation

We have now completed a first in-human trial using Miltuximab®, our anti-GPC-1 monoclonal antibody (ANZCTR registry).

The trial dosed 12 patients and no drug-related adverse events were observed.

Glytuzumab® refers to the humanized version of Miltuximab® and also targets human GPC-1. The Glytuzumab® program is currently undergoing Lead Optimisation and Lead Selection stages. Several humanized leads have been generated with similar binding affinities as that of the parent molecule Miltuximab®. The final Glytuzumab® lead selected will be taken forward from cell line development through to large scale GMP production for future clinical trials.




First-In-Human Clinical trial of Miltuximab® conjugated to 67Gallium for imaging met primary endpoint of safety in all patients

Preclinical work now completed for upcoming Phase I Clinical trial in GPC-1 expressing solid tumours. This will use Miltuximab® labelled with either 89Zirconium for imaging or 177Lutetium for therapy

Antibody composition of matter patents granted EU and US



Completion of accrual for clinical study of Miltuximab® in prostate, bladder and pancreatic cancers



The second stage of pioneering MILGa clinical trial of Miltuximab®



Commenced First-In-Human trial of Miltuximab® 

2015 Eureka Prize

Excellence in Interdisciplinary Scientific Research

Major Australian prize for innovation awarded to our CEO, Brad Walsh, and university collaborators.

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