Media Release

  • Immunotherapy targets prostate, bladder, pancreatic cancer
  • First of 12 patients enrolled in clinical trial
  • Treatment scheduled to begin within days

Sydney, Australia, 22 August 2016: Immuno-oncology company, Minomic International, has enrolled the first patient in its pioneering clinical trial of a radioactive antibody designed to seek out and destroy cancerous tumors.

The trial will examine the use of Minomic’s proprietary monoclonal antibody MIL-38 as a new tool to better detect and treat prostate and other cancers. The trial will be run at Macquarie University’s Private Hospital located at Macquarie Park in Sydney.

A team of investigators led by Professors Howard Gurney and David Gillatt from Macquarie University Hospital, and Dr. Kevin Ho-Shon of Macquarie Medical Imaging, will trial a chimeric version of Minomic’s MIL-38 antibody conjugated with the radioactive isotope 67Gallium (MILGa) to target tumors in patients with either prostate, bladder or pancreatic cancer.

Preclinical studies have shown that chimeric MIL-38 is able to target prostate, pancreatic and bladder cancer cells, and is well-tolerated and highly specific in mouse models of prostate cancer. These results have prompted this first-in-human trial to examine the safety of MILGa and its effectiveness in targeting tumors.

Minomic’s CEO, Dr. Brad Walsh, said, “A chimeric version of the MIL-38 antibody ensures the patient’s immune system does not recognize and reject the antibody as foreign. A ‘payload’ — in this case, the imaging isotope 67Gallium — is attached to the antibody, which seeks out and attacks its target, which is a protein (Glypican-1) found on the surface of certain cancer cells.”

Dr. Walsh said, “The results from this trial will provide us with important safety data as well as telling us how well the antibody targets different tumor types. We will use this information to guide the future development of the drug.” “There are no approved antibody therapies for prostate or pancreatic cancer, whilst bladder cancer remains extremely expensive to treat. There

“There are no approved antibody therapies for prostate or pancreatic cancer, whilst bladder cancer remains extremely expensive to treat. There is, therefore, the potential for major advances in the treatment of these cancers”

About Minomic

Minomic International Ltd is an Australian immuno-oncology company specializing in therapeutics and diagnostics for prostate cancer. The company has developed the in vitro diagnostic test called MiCheck® test for the early detection of prostate cancer. Minomic is preparing to globally launch MiCheck® test, which has been shown to be more than twice as specific as the existing gold standard Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening technology. This means that MiCheck® delivers only 1.5 false positives from every ten samples, compared to 6 false positive results in every 10 samples using the standard PSA test. The MiCheck® technology uses Glypican-1, a newly identified biomarker and other biomarkers never previously used in prostate cancer diagnosis.

Minomic is interested in partnerships or collaborations with larger pharmaceutical/diagnostic global partners able to produce, register and distribute the MiCheck® test and collaborate through registration and commercialization of future diagnostic imaging and therapeutic applications of the MIL-38 antibody for prostate cancer.

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