Exciting news from the Glytherix team! David Burdis and Brad Walsh are delighted to announce our visit to the USA as part of the 2023 Accelerator Program by Endless Frontier Labs (EFL).

The EFL accelerates the success of early-stage science and technology-based startups through a goals-oriented mentorship program. Founded at NYU Stern School of Business in New York City, EFL is at the intersection of world-renowned research, and business leadership. We will be attending the meeting on Friday, December 1, and we can’t wait to engage with the innovative minds driving the endless possibilities in biotechnology.

While we’re in the vibrant city of New York all week, we’re eager to connect with like-minded individuals, investors, and potential partners who share our passion for advancing biotech breakthroughs. Glytherix is on the cusp of groundbreaking developments, and we believe that collaborative efforts can propel us even further.

Looking forward to connecting with the dynamic community in the USA!