Congratulations to Prof Kris Thurecht for the funding of the ARC Research Hub for Advanced Manufacture of Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals (AMTAR). GlyTherix Ltd is a proud partner organisation and is excited to see Australian radioimmunotherapy technology getting this great boost.

The Hub with about $5 million in Federal support will drive growth and facilitate cutting-edge public research to bring the significant onshore capability to manufacture next-generation medical devices and technologies. GlyTherix will bring its experience in radioimmunotherapies to the project.

Radiopharmaceuticals are emerging as next generation medical technologies for addressing complex health challenges, and their manufacture offers significant economic benefit to Australia. AMTAR aims to establish a manufacturing platform for new medical technologies combining innovations in biotechnology and pharmaceutical science.

The program addresses industry-led challenges for translation of biologics as molecular radiopharmaceuticals, building capacity in biomanufacturing, radiobiology and radiochemistry. The program establishes a dedicated manufacturing pipeline, future-proofing production and securing supply chain of next generation medical technologies.

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