GlyTherix Ltd today announces that it has been jointly awarded a $4.8 million Australian Research Council (ARC) grant to establish a new Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP) Hub as part of a consortium of applicants led by The University of Queensland.

The ARC Research Hub for Advanced Manufacture of Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals (AMTAR) aims to establish a manufacturing platform for new medical technologies combining innovations in biotechnology and pharmaceutical science. The program addresses industry-led challenges for translation of biologics as molecular radiopharmaceuticals, building capacity in biomanufacturing, radiobiology and radiochemistry.

GlyTherix CEO Brad Walsh stated: “GlyTherix is delighted to be a key industry partner in this project. This project strengthens our long-standing collaboration with Professor Kris Thurecht’s group at The University of Queensland and the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN). The Hub will allow GlyTherix and UQ to accelerate the development of novel imaging and therapeutic versions of GlyTherix’s antibody Miltuximab® for the diagnosis and treatment of a range of solid cancers, including prostate, pancreatic, glioblastoma, bladder and non-small cell lung cancer. This grant will further strengthen Australia’s capabilities in this exciting area of novel targeted radiopharmaceutical products and help bring new therapies to Australian patients.”

AMTAR Research Hub Director, Professor Kristofer Thurecht from The University of Queensland added, “We are pleased to be working with GlyTherix and other industry and academic partners on this exciting and innovative research program. A key member of a high calibre project team, GlyTherix’s deep expertise in biologics as radiopharmaceuticals will help drive clinical and commercial translation, and advance the technologies required to ensure long-term production capability in Australia.”

About GlyTherix
GlyTherix Ltd is an Australian immuno-oncology company specializing in developing antibody radiopharmaceuticals for solid tumours. Miltuximab® specifically targets GPC-1, a protein found in solid tumours such as prostate, bladder, pancreatic, glioblastoma, oesophageal and ovarian cancers, and is not present in healthy tissue. The company has a strong proprietary and Intellectual Property position covering both Miltuximab® and the antigen GPC-1. This provides robust and long-term protection for the commercialization of important new treatments to people with little hope.
GlyTherix has completed a ‘First-in-Human’ trial of 12 patients using Miltuximab® with no drug-related adverse. Miltuximab® will be used in a Phase Ib trial as an antibody theranostic. GlyTherix is interested in partnerships or collaborations with larger biotech and pharmaceutical partners.